“... everyone knew that all islands were worlds unto themselves, that to come to an island was to come to another world.” Guy Gavriel Kay



More information available soon, as renovations are complete

Located on the "North Canal" of the south end of Little Gasparilla Island, Florida.

LGI is an amazing island which is only accessible by boat - there are no shops or restaurants and the only commercial business is a small golf cart rental and repair shop...instead you have 7 miles of private white beaches, world class fishing, along with the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

2 Bedrooms - 2 Full Bathrooms

Sleeper Sofa (queen, memory foam)

Outdoor Shower (our favorite!)

Owner's Suite with full bath includes a 14-inch gel memory foam king sized bed

Secondary Bedroom includes a 14-inch gel memory foam king sized bed









Easy Docking In All Conditions!

Docks come in all different shapes and dealing with currents can make it more difficult to come and go with ease. Fortunately, the North Canal is the widest and with our home at the front you'll never have to stress about docking and your boat is well-protected during choppy weather. It even has enough room for 2 boats! Snook and all kinds of fish can also be caught here.

Although Rare, Some Homes Have WiFi. Ours Does!

Our home has "Line of Sight" and is not on a "Repeater", as many homes have to use that option. Installed and run by Suncoast Broadband - completely dedicated. This is a photo of our actual tower, a rarity at the island.

While we love the remoteness of the island, we also want to be able to stay for weeks on end with the ability to work from home. It is still on an island and 'can' have issues from time to time, just like anything on the island, but they are few and far between.

Bay or Beach - Best of Both Worlds!

Direct deeded access to the beach!
Here is a visual of the back of our home. See the little sandy path with the red arrows from our home to the ocean? It's a hop, skip and a jump straight to the beach!
Enjoy the days watching dolphin and manatees from the dock, swimming in the ocean, kayaking (2 provided + 1 canoe), hunting for shark teeth in the sand. End them taking a short walk to the most awe-inspiring sunsets and fishing off your own private dock.



Please reach out to us for booking through our VRBO link



  • LGI is a bridge-less, barrier island in southwest Florida, in Charlotte County - there are no paved roads, no restaurants, no spas, no grocery stores, etc. There is simply the water, the land and the homes. No bridge literally means that you cannot drive to our home - it is accessible only by boat and amazingly private.  "It is just north of Gasparilla Island, separated by Gasparilla Pass. It lies west of the town of Placida, separated by Placida Harbor. It is connected with Don Pedro Island to the north by a thin strip of beach and mangrove swamp. It borders the Gulf of Mexico to the west." 

  • The only access to the island is by boat, either your own, or water taxi.  The taxi runs from Eldred’s Marina from approximately 8-5 daily, however, early and later runs may be available for an additional fee.  You must call well in advance of your visit to reserve your trip.  Pirates' Water Taxi - 941-697-5777. The water taxi averages at $10 per person, $20 minimum, each way. Call him directly for price confirmation, as we are not affiliated. They do not operate during thunderstorms.

  • Parking is available at Eldred’s Marina for about $6 fee per day for a vehicle, additional for vehicle and trailer - 6301 Boca Grande Causeway, Placida, FL 33946.

  • All food must be brought with you as there are no stores. Publix is shortly before the marinas and you will need to bring your groceries over by boat. There is also a new "Island Grocery Delivery" service which will deliver straight to the dock. Call well in advance. Island Grocery Delivery by Evan Merritt: 941-830-1346

  • There is no need to bring drinking water with you, our water is supplied by the county and we have an additional filtered water dispenser inside the refrigerator. For boat days, bottled water will be easier to bring.

  • There are first responders on the island with 911 emergency service.

  • You are responsible for your garbage removal. There is a per bag fee at Eldred’s. Failure to do so will result in a $100 per bag trash removal fee. When people forget to remove trash and a housekeeper doesn't clean for several days (safety for Covid19 standards) it can bring bugs, rodents and massive damage and issues to floors and home.

  • Preserve Island Chapel is located on the island, accessible by walking or golf cart. The only commercial business on LGI is a golf cart rental shop, "LGI Carts" (941) 697-3820 On Facebook at LittleGasparillaIslandcarts. We bear no responsibility for cart rentals and they may not be ridden over our septic tank as it could crush the mound. Honestly, in 13 years of renting we only rented a cart one time and found it unnecessary. Our location is ideal. We may purchase one for ourselves as homeowners to be able to quickly help out a neighbor or pick up a free item but, as former renters and in our opinion, it's an unnecessary expense, due to our incredible location. 

  • Power outages are more frequent and longer lasting than on the mainland. Florida Power and Light is working consistently to make this less of an issue and we don't tend to have many issues down on our canal. We also have our electric up to date, which makes quite a difference.

  • Pest control service is part of our regular maintenance, however, there will always be mosquitos and "noseeums" at the island. You will want to bring repellant.



We will never use your information for anything other than communication back and forth. We dislike inputting our own information on sites so, don't fret, it'll never be used for anything other than this. :)

Please remember that this is a bridge-less, barrier island, accessible only by boat. You must either have your own boat or you can use a boat taxi, neither of which we have any affiliation. See above for boat taxi info.

9700 Little Gasparilla Island, Placida, FL 33946

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We hope that you've enjoyed looking over the photos and reviewing information about our beautiful island home.

We began visiting Little Gasparilla in 2007 when invited by our friends. It was instant love and a desire to return consistently throughout each year. It became a part of our family story as our children were just 6 and 8. They are grown now and we love continuing to make memories here as we now have a son-in-law who loves it just as much (especially the fishing!).

In the summer of 2020 a very special home became available for purchase for the first time since it had been built in 1974. It had been owned by multi generations and we had waited and looked for many years for the perfect spot to open up. "The North Canal on the North Side at the Front" was perfection and we went to real estate battle and won a bidding war. :)

We were truly thrilled beyond words to have purchased it and are so thankful for the blessing. It is...paradise. 

Our hope for you is that our home and the island are woven into your family story as well.

The Stevenson Family